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YSRC MPTC elected as Duggirala MPP

GUNTUR: YSRC candidate Rupavani was unanimously elected as Duggirala MPP. The elections were held on September 19 last year, the MPP position was vacant due to conflicts. Out of 18 MPTC seats, YSRC won 8, TDP 9, and Janasena one. As the MPP position is reserved for BC woman, TDP BC woman candidate Sheikh Jabeen did not receive a caste certificate.

Though the Election Commission tried to conduct elections two times in the following months, they were cancelled due to various reasons.

However, as the TDP does not have a BC woman MPTC member, YSRC members were confident that they would win the MPP seat.As no other candidates from other parties were nominated for the post, the returning officer announced Rupavani as Duggirala MPP.

Pedakurapadu MPP elections were also held on Thursday, in which YSRC candidate Veeraiah was announced as Pedakurapadu MPP.YSRC has won all 14 MPTCs in this region, former MPP Sambireddy resigned from the post due to some personal reasons. The officials conducted elections on Thursday.