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Woman allegedly strangles daughter, dishonour killing suspected

Chennai: A 20-year-old woman was allegedly strangled to death by her mother on Wednesday after she refused to consider marrying a man chosen by her family.

This is being seen as a suspected case of dishonour killing as unconfirmed reports suggest P Aruna, who belonged to the Most Backward Classes (MBC) community, wanted to marry someone from a backward class but her family was forcing her to marry within their community.

The victim, whose father and brother work in Chennai as auto drivers, was strangled with her stole by her mother in Tirunelveli, an investigating officer told. Her mother then attempted suicide and is now under treatment after her arrest.

The victim used to work as a nurse in Coimbatore and had returned home six months ago.

The family of the prospective groom, selected by her mother, was supposed to visit them yesterday. But Aruna was opposed to meeting them and the marriage. A heated argument over this between the two led to the murder, said the officer.

Police said the accused woman has refused to reveal anything in this regard.