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Will gift developed Old City to people within 6 months says KTR

Hyderabad: MA&UD Minister KT Rama Rao on Saturday said that he would personally supervise various development works in Old City and provide a good result and give the people of the city a gift within six months.

The Minister was speaking on the Charminar Pedestrianisation Project (CPP) raised by AIMIM member Mumtaz Khan and others. Stating that the real Hyderabad was Charminar, the Minister informed about various works under the CPP.

He said that there were many provisions including restoration and redevelopment of Lad Bazar, Sardar Mahal, pedestrianisation bridges on Musi, multi-level car parking at Khilwat and Old RTC bus station, restoration of Badshahi Ashurkhana, Gulzar Houz, Kali Kaman, redevelopment of Mir Alam Mandi and Murgi Chowk.

He said that there was an outer ring road with 5. 4 km and inner ring road with 2.3 km, granite pavement from Charminar to Gulzar Houz, which completed, the Charminar to Sardar Mahal, Lad Bazar- were also completed, the streetscaping from Madina to Pathargatti was also completed, the Metro Rail would also pass there.

The Minister said that there were 29 properties which were getting affected. He sought the support of the MIM members in taking up works since there was political resistance.

There are four roads including Charkaman to Agra hotel (completed), Charminar traffic police to Kali Kaman and BSNL via Darul Uloom High School was pending because the land belonged to a school, at Mitti ka Sher to Zulu Khana, there is a stay granted by Court and the road from Mecca Masjid Masarine Camp to Zulu Khana goes through Minority dept land, he said adding they would talk to the education department.

He said that Rs 40 Crore were allocated for iconic bridges on the Musi River. The Minister said that in the Himmatpur to Fateh Darwaza route there were 172 properties to be acquired and the government so far demolished 102 and 70 were remaining.

In the Hussaini Alam to Doodh Bowli 192 properties were identified and demolished 83 and the balance are 109. He said that he would soon visit Old City and lay the foundation stone for a parking facility at the old bus top.

He said the GHMC allocated Rs 75 Crore and HMDA Rs 25 Crore for development in Old City. “Our agenda is to have world heritage status for Hyderabad and if needed Rs 50 Crore to Rs 60 Crore will be given,” said Rao.