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Will bring down Modi govt and reverse all bad policies: CM KCR

Hyderabad: Telangana chief minister K Chandrashekar Rao at a press conference on Sunday dissed the BJP’s national executive meeting, their policies, misgovernance and what he called the Centre’s tanashahi (dictatorship).

The volley of criticism levelled by the CM against the Narendra Modi led government is listed below.

Bringing up the BJP national executive meeting which was held in Hyderabad on July 3 and 4, the chief minister opined that there was nothing of substance said by any BJP leaders. He said that when he questioned the PM about the lakhs of scams and the suffering of people, he was met with silence.

“The rupee has never dipped so much in the history of India. It hasn’t fallen so much under any Prime Minister. Ye loktantra nahi, shadiyantra hain. BJP lokshahi nahi manta, bas tanashahi manta hain. (This is not a democracy, it is a conspiracy. BJP does not believe in democracy, it is just dictatorship.),” said the CM.

He asked the Modi government to prove if they have done anything worthwhile. “All sectors like irrigation, defense, health is suffering due to BJP’s irresponsibility and carelessness. Except for Telangana, the entire country is dealing with electricity crisis. Further, water problems are on the rise. Delhi itself is witnessing an acute water shortage.”

KCR further remarked that unemployment has risen by 8.3%. India, according to KCR has been ruined by the BJP.

“Prices are on the rise. The Indian government’s percapita is 1,49,848 while Telangana’s is 2,78,833. Even as per Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI) estimates, Telangana is doing extremely well with a GDP of 128.3% while India’s overall GDP is still at 89.6%. Telangana alone has lost Rs 3 lakh crores because of the Centre,” he said.

Referring to the BJP’s jab at Telangana being a double engine sarkar, KCR remarked that any thinking person would prefer an engine with a horsepower of 100, over a horsepower of 50 (TRS and BJP respectively).

Taking a jab at Maharashtra chief minister Eknath Shinde’s rule, KCR asked PM Modi to not be a manufacturer of Eknath Shinde. He further mocked Tamil Nadu BJP leader Annamalai and said that it was ridiculous that he (Annamalai) wanted an Eknath Shinde like figure in Tamil Nadu. He said that the power tariff is at an all time high ever since Shinde took over.

Discussing then BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma, he further remarked that Middle east countries were insulted by her remarks. “India had to apologise for a BJP member’s statements. Why should we? I salute Supreme Court judges Justice Pardiwala and Justice Suryakant for criticizing her. It is ridiculous that BJP goes beyond the lakshman-rekha (boundaries) drawn by the apex court,” he said vehemently.

He remarked that India needs to be saved from such gaddar (traitors) and rakshas (demons). He further expressed his rage over the harassment metted out to a sitting high court judge in Karnataka, a BJP ruled state.

KCR further remarked that the BJP is apathetic to farmers suicides. “They drive over farmers (a reference to Lakhimpur Kheri) and bulldoze them when they protest. Petrol, gas cylinders, diesel prices are at all time high,” he added.

Further he remarked that Union minister of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution Piyush Goyal was in effect Piyush Golmaal.

“He disrespected farmers in Telangana by not procuring our paddy and demanded us to grow other crops. This is despite us ensuring that irrigation projects like Kaleshwaram, work in the best way possible in the state,” he said.

Even the Rashtriya Swayamsevak meeting in Raipur discussed how the Centre is unaware of when to import or export anything.

“I have said at several NITI Aayog meetings that the Centre should not stop the progress of those states which are faring well. The agriculture sector alone has contributed to 21% of Telangana’s GSDP but the Centre still sidelines us for setting up industries,” he said.

Lashing out at the intimidation of journalists by the Centre, he remarked that N Ram of The Hindu and Pranoy Roy of NDTV have been bullied and the BJP referred to them as naxalites. “Is this any way to behave?” he asked.

Responding to the question of dynasty politics claim made by BJP, the CM opined that it was up to the public to decide. “It is not like the BJP does not have dynasty politics. Further, if someone joins the same profession as their parent, there is no harm.”

The chief minister accused BJP of defrauding people, not alloting subsidies for farmers and said that lakhs of money has been lost in bank scams. “While Congress was responsible for brain drain, BJP is involved in capital drain.

Many leaders like Himanta Biswas, Jyotiraditya Scindia, Eatala Rajender, Narayan Rane, all accused of scams are a part of BJP. The PM himself was responsible for Adani group getting a project in Sri Lanka as mentioned by a member of the Ceylon electricity board,” he said.

KCR further remarked that despite the city of Kashi possessing such great history and culture, Modi and his party use the place for vote-bank and that was deplorable. “All they are capable of his hijab-halal politics,” he said.

The CM concluded his critiques by asking the youth, intellectuals and other emininet groups of the country to drive out BJP to avoid any further harm and embarrassment. He further said that the TRS party will work to ensure that the BJP is driven out of power and all their policies shall be reversed.