Wild animals flock to saucer pits in Kawal Reserve

Adilabad: As the water bodies in the Kawal Tiger Reserve at Jannaram mandal of Mancherial district have become dry, wild animals are flocking to the saucer pits in the area.

The forest officials have been making sure that all wild animals including the tigers migrating from Thadoba Tiger Reserve to Kawal, get enough water every day.

In Kawal Tiger Reserve, over 500 saucer pits and 23 solar pumps have been set up near natural water bodies, which have been drying. In Jannaram, Indanpelly, Thallapet, and Beersaipet areas, solar pumps are being used to fill the saucer pits, which are frequented by the animals and birds.

Jannaram Forest Divisional Officer C Madhav Rao said pits had been constructed near every natural watering point and the maximum distance between any two pits was 4 km.

He said our staff keep the pits full and refill using tankers or solar pumps. He also said that CCTV cameras had been set up to monitor the movement of animals in the area and to identify as well as keep track of the variety of animals visiting the pits.