Why did Centre bring “Triple Talaq Ordinance, while ignoring to bring an Ordinance on Ram Temple”?

The subjects of the Union of India lashing out at the Centre over the ongoing Ram-Temple-Babri Masjid conflict in Ayodhya, and asking why the union government did not do anything on the issue when an ordinance was brought by them on the Muslim practice of Triple Talaq.

It is further asserted that ‘the community is losing its patience now’, All are our own people but when they behave like others, we feel astonished. They can bring an ordinance on Triple Talaq but what is being done for us. It has been more than four years since Narendra Modi became Prime Minister, if at least he had visited Ayodhya once, we would have felt good. Now our patience is wearing thin.

Sadhus while playing for RSS indirectly pressuring the government for bringing an ordinance. It doesn’t matter if the government remains or not but Ram temple has to be there according to them. Before 6 December some honorable decision will be taken, the UP CM says if we go by his assurance that the Ram Mandir will be built in Ayodhya. There are two ways, either there can be an understanding for the construction of Ram Temple or an ordinance has to be brought.

An honourable solution for the construction of Ram Mandir in Ayodhya should come before December 6, and that the Sant Samiti will announce a firm decision on the issue before December 6.

Many Sadhus and right-wing leaders have been associated with Ram Mandir movement since its beginning. In all these years they have seen a lot of struggles and former Prime Minister, PV Narsimha Rao Government silently done RSS job while ignoring the imposition of order before Babri Masjid was pulled down.

Pro Ram Mandir leaders have seen people laying out their lives for the cause; they also witnessed the demolition of the structure. They have seen a majority government, they had a lot of hopes on the Narendra Modi’s majority-owned government but they don’t know what to say now.

The central government and the Supreme Court are playing their respective Constitutional roles and majority Hindu Society cannot bring any revolution. In fact, they all are very worried.

The Narendra Modi’s government got majority votes for Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and have one expectation that they will solve the issue. But nothing happened; The Sadhus are not seeing everything going opposite. Today their only submission is that all saints must get together to take a firm decision. They can tolerate no more symbolic insult, they are presuming for their section of Hindu faith.

The court is doing what it is doing, but they want to ask why the case is constantly being deferred. Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi for protecting the considerable time of apex court, didn’t give even four minutes to Ram Temple hearing last time.

Nobody can ask why this discrimination with it. It is because probably they have considered us weak. Now the Sadhus and right-wing leaders cannot stop giving a call for peace and they are for a revolution and strongly feel a decision of the temple must be taken before 6 December.

In 2003, Jagadguru Ramabhadracarya had also deposed as an expert witness for religious matters in the Allahabad High Court. On October 29, the Supreme Court adjourned the Ayodhya title suit till next year to fix a date for the hearing.

The court was hearing the matter which challenged the 2010 ruling of the Allahabad High Court which divided the disputed land into three parts. Let there has been a peaceful solution in the larger interest of the nation.