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Villages in rural Telangana lack medical facilities: Survey

Hyderabad: According to Rural Health statistics for the year 2021-22 released by Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandviya, the villages in rural Telangana lack medical facilities. There is a huge shortage of 53% in the number of Community Health Centers (CHCs) in the State.

Regarding Primary Health Centers (PHCs) there is a 12% shortage. As per the report, 721 PHCs are needed, but only 636 exist leading to a shortfall of 85 centers. As for CHCs, the number must have been 180 but only 85 are working. Similarly, there are 4,744 sub-centers, 636 PHCs, and 85 CHCs in the rural areas of the State. According to the report, 53% of the Telangana population lives in rural areas.

Many important posts are vacant, for example in CHCs, the numbers of specialists like surgeons, obstetrics and gynecologists, physicians, and pediatrics are also low. As against 340 specialists required in these hospitals according to the population, only 258 were found to be working, leading to a shortfall of 82 such specialists.

As for radiologists, pharmacists, and lab technicians, there is a shortage of 41, 279, and 74 staff respectively. The only surplus staff is in the nursing category in CHCs and PHCs.

During the survey conducted between March 2020 and March 2021, no new additional staff or new PHC or CHC was added, leaving the State to deal with the pandemic from a vulnerable position.