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Vehicles in Telangana double over 10 years

Hyderabad: Telangana has experienced a tremendous growth rate in motor vehicles in the last ten years with the total number of motor vehicles increasing from 70.73 lakh in 2014 to 1.54 crore in 2023, an average growth rate of 9 percent per year. In the 2022-23 fiscal alone about 10 lakh new vehicles were added in the State.

According to transport department officials, of the 1.54 crore vehicles, two-wheelers accounted for 1.13 crore, motorcars 20 lakh, auto-rickshaws 4.5 lakh, School buses 28,962, Goods rickshaws 6.09 lakh, E-cart 235, Motor cabs 20,337, Maxi cabs 31,060, Contract carriage 9.244 and 7 lakh tractors and trailers. In Hyderabad, there are about 70 lakh personal vehicles, out of these, over 50 lakh are two-wheelers and around 13 lakh four-wheelers .

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A decade ago, there were about 70.73 lakh registered vehicles in the State, out of which 8.22 lakh were transport and 63.68 lakh non-transport vehicles. During 2013-14, the State had a registry of more than 52.84 lakh two wheelers, 7,96,232 cars, 14,989 Jeeps, 74,097 taxis, 40,807 buses, 1,85,688 Light Vehicles(goods) and 1,25,240 trucks. At the time of formation of Telangana there were only 25 lakh vehicles in Hyderabad, which has consistently increased every year during the last ten years.

According to RTA officials, the sale of Electric Vehicles in the State is slowly picking up and at present the total number of registered EVs plying the roads has reached 46,937. With the Telangana government exempting road tax and registration fee on purchase of various kinds of electric vehicles running on batteries, a large number of people in the State were now opting for the EVs, they said.

The Transport Department officials are expecting increase in vehicle registration, especially electric vehicles, in the current fiscal.