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Vaccinating 30% big achievement, herd immunity still long way for Delhi, says AAP MLA Atishi

New Delhi: Vaccinating 30 per cent of the population is a “big achievement” for Delhi, but it has a long way to go as herd immunity can be achieved only after inoculating at least 70 per cent population, Delhi MLA and AAP leader Atishi said on Saturday (June 12).

A total of 59,90,485 people have received anti-Covid jabs in the national capital of whom more than 14 lakh have got both doses, the AAP leader said, releasing the city’ daily vaccination bulletin.

“Vaccinating 30 per cent of the population is a big achievement, but yet we have to go a long way. If we want to achieve herd immunity, it’s really important to vaccinate 70 per cent of Delhi’s population,” she said.

On Friday, 78,628 people were vaccinated — 60,759 with their first dose and 17,800 their second.

Atishi added that a total of 5,05,000 doses of vaccines were available for the 45+ age group that include 9,000 Covaxin jabs and 4,96,000 Covishield doses.

“Covaxin is almost over as 9000 doses would be over in a day, so these doses are being used for the 2nd dose. Covishield stock for 45+ would last for 24 days,” she said.

For the 18-44 age group, a total of 1,00,000 doses of vaccines are available including 33,000 Covaxin and 67,000 Covishield jabs.

“So, if we are to see the stock position, Covaxin stock for the youth would last for three days and Covishield would be available for 2 days. We hope that the Central government maintains a regular supply of vaccines for the youth,” she said.