Andhra Pradesh

Two die of inhaling gases in an effluent treatment plant in Vizag

VISAKHAPATNAM: Two workers at the effluent treatment plant at Jawaharlal Nehru Pharma City at Parawada in the city died reportedly after inhaling gases released from the plant, Monday morning.

According to the CEO of Pharma City, Lal Krishna, the common effluent treatment plant is located three km away from the main units. It treats waste discharged from about 80 pharma units on the premises. While wastes from most plants reach the treatment plant by gravity, there are some units that are located at a higher level than the plant.

To ensure smooth flow of waste from these units there is an intermediary treatment plant where the two youths were working. Lal Krishna said they died due to inhaling the gas released from the waste. “The duo was on night shift and were checking the levels of waste when the incident happened,” he said.

According to police and officials, one of the deceased collapsed after inhaling the gas and the other immediately alerted the security staff. While the collapsed worker was being shifted, the other one also collapsed and both succumbed even before they could be taken to the corporate hospital nearby.

The workers were identified as Manikanta and Durga Prasad.