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Trolled’: Chief Justice Of India D.Y. Chandrachud

New Delhi: Chief Justice of India, D Y Chandrachud, recently spoke at the American Bar Association India Conference 2023 on the theme “Law in the age of Globalisation: Convergence of India and the West”.

The CJI discussed several issues, including technology’s use by the judiciary, issues confronting the legal profession, and the need for more women judges.

However, one of the most thought-provoking issues he addressed was the impact of false news in the age of social media and how it is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish between truth and falsehood.

According to the CJI, “truth has become the victim in an age of false news.” The CJI went on to say that people today are short on patience and tolerance, and are not willing to accept perspectives that are different from their own.

“For every little thing that we do, and believe me, as judges we are no exception to this, for everything that you do, you face the threat of being trolled by someone who does not share your point of view,” the CJI said as quoted by PTI.

In addition to the impact of social media, the CJI also discussed the role of technology in the justice system, particularly in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

He highlighted how video-conferencing has led to a decentralisation of justice, which has the potential to promote greater access to justice. By using technology, the judiciary can reach citizens in the smallest villages in the country, and take justice to their doorsteps.

However, the CJI also noted that technology is not a panacea for all the challenges facing the justice system. He highlighted the need for reform in the legal profession, which is still patriarchal, feudal, and built upon kinships and relationships of community. He also noted the need for greater diversity and inclusion in the profession, particularly when it comes to women judges.

The CJI’s speech highlighted some of the key challenges facing the justice system in India and around the world. Technology has the potential to promote greater access to justice, but it is not a panacea for all the challenges facing the justice system.