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Thousands take holy dip of Karthika Masam in Godavari

Rajamahendravaram: Thousands of devotees took a holy dip in River Godavari from the early hours of Thursday, to mark beginning of the auspicious Karthika Masam, which will be continued up to December 7.

Pushakar Ghat, Kotilingala Ghat, Saraswathi Ghat, Padmavathi Ghat, Chintalamma Ghat, Snakar Ghat, Sraddananda Ghat crowded with the devotees and Swamy Ayyappas.

Meanwhile, Shaivite temples such as Uma Markandeya Swamy Temple, Uma Kotilinegswara Swamy Temple, Visweswara Swamy Temple, Veereswara Swamy Temple, Sarangdhareswara Swamy Temple etc were illuminated. The priests offered special prayers and Abhisheakams.

The traffic police regulated the traffic at all the ghats as the devotees rushed to the ghats from surrounding villages.