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Those who believe in Constitution will be killed: Narsinghanand

New Delhi: The head priest of Dasna Devi temple in Uttar Pradesh’s Ghaziabad, Yati Narsinghananad has yet again made controversial statements, this time against the Indian constitution, the Uttarakhand police, and the transgender community.

Yati said that he had no faith in the Supreme Court and the constitution, and alleged that it will be the end of the lives of 100 crore Hindus. He also called the police ‘Hijras’ after they arrested Jitendra Narayan Singh Tyagi, aka Waseem Rizvi on Thursday, for his alleged hate speeches against Muslims and Islam at the Haridwar event.

While the term ‘Hijra’ has been used by the transgender community for self-identification, transphobic people have time and again employed the term as a form of insult.

In a live stream following Tyagi’s arrest, Yati claimed that when he (Tyagi) was still a Muslim, the police or the politicians did not dare to arrest him, for his hateful comments on Islam and Muslims, however when he converted to Hinduism, he was arrested.

“When he wrote the book he was Waseem Rizvi, not Jitendra Narayan Singh Tyagi. At that point in time, these “hijra” police officers and politicians did not dare to arrest him. But as soon as he converted to Sanatana Dharma, he became a second-class citizen and today he has been humiliated, harassed, and arrested,” he claimed.

“We are fighting the law, we have hired lawyers. We cannot break the jail. What else can we do? We are weaponless, weak people. Our men do not get married on time, and so these “hijras” are unable to produce children,” he added referring specifically to Hindu men.

It is important to note the fact that Yati and other Hindutva goons have time and again called on Hindu men (and women) to produce many children in order to overpower the Muslims of the country.

When the interviewer, questioned Yati on his views on the working of the Supreme Court and its decision to hear the petitions over the Dharam Sansad hate speeches, Yati says that he does not trust the Supreme Court or the constitution.

“We have no trust in the Supreme court or the Constitution. This constitution is a book for the murder of 100 crore Hindus. Those who believe in it will be killed. Those who believe in this system, police, politicians, and army, will die a dog’s death,” said Yati.