THIS 12-year-old Russian boxer knocks down a tree with her punches

Have you ever seen someone punch down a tree with their boxing skills? Do you think it is even possible?

A 12-year-old Russian girl says, yes it is possible.

This girl goes by the name Evnika Saadvakass and is an internet sensation because of boxing skills. She has been dubbed as ‘world strongest girl’ for the same.

In this viral video, Evnika can been seen fiercly punching the trunk of the tree and bringing it down in seconds. Those punches are not only very heavy but also thrown at lightening speed.

As per the Indian Express, Evnika Saadvakass, who comes from Russia’s Voronezh, is trained by her father Rustram Saadvakass.

Her father is professional boxing coach and recognised her daughter’s boxing potential when she was just 4.

“When Evnika was four, I noticed she was showing these beautiful moves. She was so attentive and hardworking,” Rustram Saadvakass said.

“It’s a good sign of character. I saw the first spark of what I needed to develop,” he added.

Evnika’s mother is also an athlete, a gymnast. The 12-year-old trains in the woods and often uses the trees as her punching bag.