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Telangana sees five-fold jump in active COVID cases in 12 days

Hyderabad: The number of active COVID cases in Telangana is continuously increasing for the past few days due to the surge in the daily infections in the state.

In the past 12 days, the state saw a nearly five-fold jump in the active cases. It was 3, 733 on January 1, 2022, which climbed to 18, 339 on January 12, 2022.

In the same period, the daily count of COVID cases jumped by seven-fold. It jumped from 317 on January 1 to 2, 319 on January 12. However, the fatality rate remains around 0.5 percent.

Hyderabad reports highest number of cases
In Telangana state, Greater Hyderabad is reporting the highest number of COVID-19 cases. The city is also witnessing a rise in the daily count of cases.

On January 1, it reported 217 new cases whereas, on January 12, the new cases surged to 1275. In the current month, Hyderabad reported the highest number of daily cases on January 8 i.e., 1583.

Status of hospital beds in the state
As of January 12, the state has a total of 1338 hospitals for COVID patients. Out of them, 112 are government hospitals.

In these hospitals, there are 56038 beds for COVID patients. Out of the total beds, 1673 are occupied.

Out of 1673 patients, 564 occupied regular beds whereas, 654 and 455 have occupied oxygen beds and ICU beds respectively.

Guidelines issued for the public
As per the government guidelines, persons aged below 10 years and above 60 years are advised to avoid going outdoor.

It is mandatory to wear a mask whenever stepping out of the house. A fine can be imposed on the person not wearing a mask.

At the workspace, adequate physical distancing must be maintained.