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Technical features of EVM remarkable: Chief Electoral Officer (CEO)

Hyderabad: The advent of Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) and now the Voter Verifiable Paper Trail (VVPAT) has revolutionized India’s election process, affirmed Chief Electoral Officer of Telangana Dr Rajat Kumar.

He said, the technical features of the EVM, which uses 3 M technology, are remarkable and its accuracy and objectivity is such that it has scored a cent per cent victory over its validity. The wonder machine has won a record number of 37 judicial cases in High Courts and the Supreme Court.

“The country had started elections in 1952 with paper ballot but now, we use software-loaded, robust and tamper-proof EVMs. The EVM is able to withstand an upswing in contestations”, he said, explaining the technical features EVMs and VVPATs.

Delivering the keynote address at a workshop on “Election Coverage”, conducted by the Regional News Unit of All India Radio, Hyderabad, for its district correspondents at AIR establishment here on Tuesday, the CEO called upon them not to join the rat race of other media and instead maintain the AIR credibility by providing authentic information, and help people take the right decisions.

He said that the  Telangana State was setting the benchmark on many fronts relating to the conduct of elections. The volume of information that was being generated during elections was so huge that a systemic dissemination of the same had become a challenge. He advised public broadcasters–AIR and Doordarshan–to play a greater role in the dissemination of accurate and authentic information relating to elections.

Dr Rajat Kumar appealed to journalists in general and AIR correspondents, in particular, to speak as representatives of democracy by providing the right news. “Do not sensationalize news and lose your credibility and instead, be impartial, give factual figures and write special interest stories on elections”.

Speaking about “Accessible Elections”, the present thrust area of the Election Commission, he listed out various initiatives taken to ensure participation by persons with disabilities in the democratic process.

T. V. K. Reddy, Additional Director-General, Press Information Bureau, Hyderabad, Allam Narayana, Chairman, Telangana Media Academy, Akash Lakshman, Additional Director-General, News Services Division, New Delhi, and Suprashanti Devi, Head of Regional News Unit, AIR, Hyderabad, spoke. Correspondents of AIR from all over Telangana, officials and AIR staff attended.