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Tamil Nadu DGP sets example for officials by dining with prisoners

Chennai: The 160-year-old Central prison constructed during the British Raj era was replaced in Chennai by the Puzhal Central Prison. The Puzhal Central Prison, which has a history spanning more than a century, had the opportunity to witness an occasion that would serve as a model for the many future correctional personnel.

Amaraesh Pujari, the Director General of Police (DGP), Tamil Nadu Prisons and Correctional Services, recently paid a visit to the Puzhal Central Prison and had lunch with the inmates. It was an unexpected gesture from a higher ranking official, and it taught us a valuable lesson about what it really takes to work as a correctional officer.

He sought to become acquainted with the circumstances and operation of the prisons after recently accepting the position of DGP for Prisons and Correctional Services. As part of this, on November 17 he went to the Puzhal Central Prison and sat down to listen to the detainees’ complaints.

The DGP reviewed with them measures aimed at the welfare of jail inmates, the personnel, and steps required to be taken for further modernization of prisons, according to a senior state prison official who praised the work Pujari has made since his posting.

A head of the department actually sat down to eat with the prisoners during their visit for the first time in the central prison’s history, according to the officials. Pujari said he is dedicated to making the necessary changes to the criminal justice system while discussing this.

According to him, prisons function as correctional facilities rather than just places where criminals are housed in cells, and each prisoner there should be given the opportunity to redeem themselves. Through his interactions with the prisoners, he created a powerful conduit for them to express their complaints and worries.