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Syrian pilgrim dies after reaching Makkah on bicycle from Germany

Riyadh: A heart-wrenching story, Syrian pilgrim who travelled from Germany to Makkah Al-Mukarramah on a bicycle to perform the Umrah pilgrimage died after reaching Makkah, while he was in the Ihram clothes, after suffering a sudden heart attack.

He began his journey on October 22, 2022, from Hamburg, Germany, to Makkah in Saudi Arabia, but he passed away on Friday, February 17, which coincided with the night of Isra and Mi’raj.

Shehadeh was buried in Makkah after funeral prayers at the Grand Mosque.

During his journey, Shehadeh passed through several countries, including Austria and then Italy, using a vehicle attached to his bicycle, to reach Cairo on February 4, then he continued walking towards the Red Sea until he reached the coast of Safaga, from which he set out to Makkah.

Shehadeh’s journey has received widespread attention and admiration, with many expressing grief over his death.