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Suresh Chavhanke asks Muslim girls to marry Hindu boys

New Delhi: Editor-in-Chief of Sudarshan TV, Suresh Chavhanke who is known for making provocative remarks has once again issued controversial statements.

In a video that is making rounds on social media, he asked Muslim girls to marry Hindu boys. He also listed out the benefits that Muslim girls will get if they decide to change religion.

He also claimed that many Muslim girls are falling in love with Hindu boys.

Continuing his controversial speech, he said, ‘I promise on the camera that if you marry Hindus and become Hindu then you will not have to face a divorce. You will not have to become ‘child production factory’. You will not be the second wife of someone’.

Claiming that in the future, India will be Hindu Rashtra, he said, ‘you [Muslim girls who convert to Hinduism] will be first members of it’.

Speaking about Navaratri, he asked that people who do not believe in Hindu gods should not be allowed to Dandiya programs. ‘Muslim women who want to play dandiya can arrange the programs in their locality and I am ready to send Hindu boys for that’, he added.

It is not the first time, earlier too the Editor-in-Chief had triggered controversies either by speeches or provocative oaths.

Last year, he administered a provocative oath to a group of people at an event of Hindu Yuva Vahini in Delhi.

The oath which was taken at the event can be translated to “We take an oath and make a resolution that till our last breath, we shall fight, die for and if need be, kill, to make this country a Hindu rashtra”.

Later, Chavhanke shared the video of the event on his Twitter account with a caption, “The lions and lionesses of Hindu Yuva Vahini taking an oath for Hindu Rashtra”.

Reacting to the event, many netizens including Alp Ozkilic, a Turkish-American and Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighter, expressed their anger.