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Six urban forest parks in Hyderabad to be inaugurated on Thursday

Hyderabad: Six urban forest parks that promise to provide much-needed lung space for people in and around the city are all set to be inaugurated on Thursday by Forest Minister Indrakaran Reddy and Education Minister P Sabitha Indra Reddy.

The urban forest parks that will be thrown open include the Nagaram Forest Park, Pallegadda Forest Park, Sirigiripuram Forest Park in Maheshwaram Mandal, Srinagar Forest Park in Thukkuguda Municipality and Manyamkancha Forest Park in Kandukur and Tumaloor Forest Park in Maheswaram.

Visitors’ pathways, safari tracks, gazebos, washrooms, watch towers and benches are some of the facilities in these parks. Unlike regular parks in the city, the urban forest parks are spread over a large portion of land.

While the Nagaram Forest park in Maheshwaram Mandal is spread over 556.69 hectares, the Sirigiripuram Forest park at Sirigiripur village has been developed on 102.39 hectares. The Manyamkancha Forest park at Lemoor village of Kandukur is spread over 58.78 hectares, while the Srinagar Forest park at Srinagar village in Thukkuguda Municipality is spread over 526.91 hectares. The Pallegadda Forest park at Harshaguda village of Maheshwaram has been developed on 87.41 hectares.

Hyderabad only city with urban lung spaces

With the allocation of the Green Budget by the State government, the HMDA has been engaged in the development of urban forest parks. On Wednesday, taking to Twitter, Urban development Special Chief Secretary Arvind Kumar said that no other metro city in the country has urban lung spaces like Hyderabad.

“There are 59 Urban Forest Blocks covering 60K acres within #HMDA of which 16 having 15K acres are developed by @HMDA_Gov.Minister @IKReddyAllola & @SabithaindraTRS will inaugurate 6 parks tomorrow ie July 28 Perhaps, no other metro has such dense urban lung space @KTRTRS,” he tweeted.