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Silent Heroes makes noise with service, nurses

Amaravati : Hyderabad: If mother gives birth to a child, Nurse gives a new lease of life to those who are sick. She is all the time concerned about the recovery of the patient and irrespective of her age takes care much more than that of a mother.

She is silent by nature and makes noise only in the form or service to those who are hospitalised. For her compassion and care is what matters more than her family.

Her role has become all the more important during these trying times when the world is in midst of second wave of pandemic called COVID-19. Nurses are struggling to save the lives of people affected by the novel Corona virus risking their lives and the lives of their family members.

Its time we Salute them on the occasion of the International Nurses Day. “We are battling a war in a room full of covid patients and all our efforts are to save each and every life, they told The Hans India. They have a small request for the people. “Support us in our battle to win over Covid.

Please wear N-95 masks. Nurses are strongly beating all odds to serve hundreds of patients each day. Doctors also say that they cant even think that they would be able to fight the war against Covid without the dedicated team of nurses.

Their intense support is most vital in sending the patients home safe. For the nurses, every minute counts. Kanchipuram Padma, who a nurse in Osmania hospital in Hyderabad says, it is a god sent opportunity to help the affected to survive from the clutches of Covid.

She said she had plans of going back to her hometown in Mahabubnagar but since the situation is yet to come to semblance of normalcy, she decided to continue to serve the people the maximum she can.

There are work related issues like low salaries etc but this is not the time to fight for them. Right now it’s a war against Corona, she said. D Sindhuja, who has come from an underprivileged family after lot of struggles says “Nursing is my passion. She travels 40 kms everyday from her house to hospital and back but she does not mind it as that is the love she has for her profession.

We only request one thing from people is not to feel uncomfortable with nurses. I am a native of Gurjal, Nizamabad district as landlords are not ready to give their room to me just because I’m a nurse, I am living far away at a relative’s house as a paid guest.

Such situations should change and lets hope that people will understand the importance of nurses better by the time we are out of pandemic, she adds.