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RSS version of Hinduism, Hindutva are masks for imposing caste system: Devanur Mahadeva

BENGALURU: Devanur Mahadeva, easily a legend in his own lifetime, carries an aura around him as he greets his friends and admirers in his inimitable style.

His latest book ‘RSS — Aala Mathu Agala,’ which is critical of RSS, has already sold 86,000 copies in about a fortnight, which is a record, and there is a great demand for more copies.

The book, whose title literally means the depth and extent of RSS, looks at the nature and objectives of the organisation and brings to fore the real RSS. It talks of how Dalits have been at the receiving end of RSS, thanks to untouchability and other related practices.

It delves on issues like Varnashrama which classifies communities based on birth, Manusmriti which is a strong statement of oppression against the lower castes, Aryan Brahminical supremacy and changes to the Constitution.

Some say there is nothing new in what you have said in the book, because all these issues have been mentioned at one point or another. Let us leave out saying ‘some say’, please tell me what you would like to say.

Yes, what you are saying appears to be factually correct. But also remember, RSS — Aala Mathu Agala was published about a fortnight ago and has already sold about 86,000 copies and if there is a demand for more, why is it so?

You have said the foot soldiers of hate campaigns are from lower castes. You have called them ‘Dari thappida makkalu’ (those who have been misguided) and that the real brains behind these campaigns are the upper castes… You have spoken of them propagating a casteist mindset. Can you elaborate?

Let me answer both these questions together. RSS version of Hinduism and Hindutva are just masks for imposing a four-fold caste system, where the lower castes mandatorily serve the upper castes as menial servants.

Should lower castes and backward communities, as is the practice in the four-fold caste system hierarchy, remain mere servants serving the others? What more has to be elaborated here I don’t understand. I believe all these issues have been sufficiently elaborated in this book.

You have spoken about three ideological pillars of the RSS — imposition of varnashrama, Aryan supremacy and annihilation of the Constitution…

Varnashrama dharma, Manu Smriti and Aryan supremacy… What kind of bizarre ideologies are these? These are what you call regressive and demonic beliefs. RSS’ life goal is to demolish the Indian Constitution. These issues have been discussed in the book.

Is it true that on social media, like Facebook, some have decided to block the book?

It is high time that social media like Facebook needs a face.

What was the purpose of writing the book on RSS? Do you think you have achieved it?

Whether the book has been successful or not… after reading the book should you not be the one saying if the book is successful?

You started a political party with SR Hiremath and others seeking to challenge the communal agenda. What has happened to the party?

Sarvodaya Karnataka was a party we started, which was mainly a party of farmers from the Raitha Sanga and the oppressed people from the Dalit Sangharsh Samiti. Other progressive forces also joined in to fortify it. KS Puttannaiah became the leader of this party. I remained only a titular head.

Hiremath, as far as I remember, did not occupy any position in this party. This party, which believed in equality, worked in the cultural, social and economic areas to benefit the oppressed and marginalised.

This party worked against the stumbling blocks for progress like the caste system and communalism. Now it has been merged with the Swaraj India Party.