Andhra Pradesh

Rs 58000 electricity bill shocks puncture mechanic in Andhra’s Kurnool

KURNOOL: A man from Adoni town in Kurnool district who runs a tyre puncture shop, got the shock of his life when he was asked to cough up a monthly electricity bill of Rs 57,965 for his shop-cum-house. His monthly power bills usually amount to Rs 100- Rs 300. Basavaraju of Venkannapeta Colony lives with his family of five whose only source of income is the thatched shop.

On Saturday, an electrical worker visited his house and handed him the bill. Even the worker was shocked to see such a high bill. Basavaraju informed the authorities about the exaggerated bill amount. He said though the issue occurred on Saturday it was not resolved till Monday.

However, electricity department assistant engineer Nagabhushanam told TNIE that he visited the house and rectified the issue. He said a technical problem had caused the high bill, he said and added that the billing staffer was unaware of the technical fault. Later, Basavaraju was re-issued a new bill of Rs 138.