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Reluctant oustees finally vacate Pallepahad village

Siddipet: Pallepahad, one of the villages that will be submerged under the Mallanna Sagar project, has finally been completely evacuated. Of the 500 families that resided in the village, over 400 had left last month to the Rehabilitation & Resettlement (R&R) Colonies.

The remaining families had claimed that they would not leave the village until the State government paid them their due compensation. However, officials had stated that all oustees would be compensated once they evacuated the village.

Officials also warned that if the oustees didn’t evacuate on time, transport facilities would not be provided to them. The remaining villagers, thinking that it would be better to leave now than clash with officials, finally left the village on Friday night.

The oustees have been allotted double bedroom houses constructed at Mutrajpally near Gajwel. Almost everyone has occupied their new homes. With this, a total of four villages that will be affected by the project have been evacuated so far.

Residents of Etigadda Kishtapuram and Vemulaghat have not been fully evacuated yet. It may be noted that the villagers of Etigadda Kishtapuram had recently stated that they would not leave the village unless the State government gave them the full compensation amount.