Andhra Pradesh

Rebel YSRC MP received money from TV channel: Andhra government to Supreme Court

VIJAYAWADA: The Andhra Pradesh government has informed the Supreme Court that Narasapuram MP K Raghu Rama Krishna Raju, against whom a sedition case was registered for his objectionable speeches, did not make the speeches on his own but made them “in conspiracy with several persons including some vernacular television channels”.

The government also said money was exchanged between the MP and a television channel. In its counter to the petition filed by the television channel, which was also named in the sedition case, the government said there was a deliberate design on part of the MP and the television channel along with various individuals including TDP members “to excite violence on the grounds of caste/religion to bring disaffection towards the government”.

“All the speeches that were made were completely premeditated/coordinated and were aired only after detailed discussions between the television channel, the MP and the members of the TDP,’’ the government said.“In fact, in one instance, an amount of one million euro appears to have been transacted by the chairman of the channel to the MP,’’ the affidavit filed by Mahfooz A Nazki, the counsel of the government, said.

The government said the investigation so far revealed that the petitioners, as part of a coordinated design, actively participated in generating and spreading fake news, hate speeches and carefully tailored interviews of the MP so as to disturb the public order, incite one group or citizens against other and with open calls for revolt against the government.

The affidavit said the government came across several conversations between the MP, television channel managements and TDP leaders on electronic platforms.“This becomes evident from noting the timing of the calls, and a perusal of chats and the documents shared between the MP, the management of the media house and members of the TDP including Naidu as well as Nara Lokesh,’’ the government said. The State government also submitted the messages between Raju and the representatives of the media house and Naidu. In one of the messages sent by the MP to Naidu, the MP said, “Since you (TDP) are not giving money, I will release a video to whoever pays money. Call back when free sir.’’

On the same day, the MP appeared before a television channel (which is also named as one of the accused) and gave a speech exactly on the same lines. The link of the speech was also shared with Naidu later by the MP.