Rachakonda police issues COVID-19 guidelines during Ganesh immersion

Hyderabad: Rachakonda police commissioner Mahesh M. Bhagwat on Thursday urged devotees to follow COVID-19 protocols during the ongoing immersions of the Ganesh idols on account of Vinayak Chaturthi. He asked citizens to carry out activities peacefully.

The Rachakonda police commissioner directed officials to make necessary arrangements in view of public safety in a briefing conducted at the Rajdhani Function hall. He gave instructions to security personnel working under the Kushaiguda Police station this afternoon.

In another briefing to the police personnel at the Malkajgiri Zone and LB Nagar, the commissioner stated that devotees are in “service of God Ganesha” and that the police are in the “service of devotees.”

Bhagwat made it clear to officials that they must be vigilant through the final immersion procession scheduled on Sunday. The emphasis was laid on strengthening security at sensitive places said a press release from Rachakonda PRO.

Officials were instructed to create bomb squads, to check all major routes before Ganesh processions commence. Vehicles carrying the idols must not have any firecrackers. Restrictions will also be placed on liquor shops during the procession. The Commissioner of Police stated that volunteers from National Service Scheme and National Cadet Corps could be employed during the processions this year as well.

Rachakonda police officials were ordered to work closely with organizing committees to ensure proper lightings since people are expected to be on the streets in the evening and night. Officials also will be ensuring that streets are cleaned after the end of proceedings.