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PM Modi converted developmental initiatives into mass movement: Venkaiah Naidu

New Delhi: Vice President M. Venkaiah Naidu said on Wednesday that “Prime Minister Narendra Modi has converted developmental initiatives into mass movement, comparing him with Mahatma Gandhi about how he took the freedom struggle from the hands of the elite and gave it to the common man” Naidu said.

Even Modi’s opponents agree that he is a phenomenon. Whether you like it or not, he is a phenomenon even at the international level. We are all seeing the good performance of a person who previously had no administrative experience before becoming the Chief Minister. In the international arena also, he has been widely recognised and respected,” Naidu said.

Speaking after the launch of the book ‘Modi@20 Dreams Meet Delivery’, Naidu said that Modi has effectively used his valuable learnings to write a development script, first for his home state Gujarat as its Chief Minister and then at national level as the Prime Minister.

“This is the fundamental differentiator that makes Modi unique in several ways. There is probably no other public figure in contemporary times who has had a comparable experiential journey as Modi,” he said. He is the first Prime Minister born after Independence and he has carved out a unique place in the history of Independent India in the last 20 years, the Vice President said.

Pointing out that Modi is a leader who demonstrated to the world that dreams can indeed be realised, Niadu added that “the book is a rare compilation that gives the readers a ringside view of the evolution of one of the most popular and iconic leaders of modern India”.

“The book presents different aspects of the distinct thought process and pro-active approach and the transformational leadership style that Narendra Modi has come to be so closely identified with,” Naidu noted.

“The journey, the words and deeds, and the dreams of PM Modi and their realisation need to be presented and understood. This publication certainly helps in decoding Modi and helps understand how he has the courage to dream big for the people of his country and the grit to translate these dreams into tangible reality, positively impacting the lives of crores of Indians,” Naidu said.

Achievements such as opening about 45 crore new bank accounts for financial inclusion, building over 12 crore toilets and over three crore houses to add dignity to life, over five crore MUDRA loans for small-scale entrepreneurs, and transferring over Rs 20 lakh crore to the deserving beneficiaries under 320 schemes speak of Modi’s “think big and act in scale” approach, Naidu added.