Planning a train trip? Arrival, departure timings of 50 trains changed in THIS zone, check list

NEW DELHI: Those who are planning to travel by railways anytime soon, should check the new arrival and departure timings of several passenger trains in the Western Central Railway zone.

Yes, the Indian Railways has recently changed the arrival and departure timings of at least 50 passenger trains from October 2. Most of these trains originate from Jabalpur, Habibganj and Itarsi.

Media reports quoted a senior Indian Railways official as confirming that the arrival and departure timings of more than 50 passenger trains have been changed in the Western Central Railway zone.

Therefore, the passengers are advised to check the new timings with the enquiry in order to avoid any confusion.

The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation, a subsidiary company of the Indian Railways, has also begun notifying the passengers via mail and text SMS.

Here’s the list of those trains

Jabalpur-Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Katra Special (01449)
Somnath-Jabalpur Special (01463)
Ambikapur-Jabalpur Intercity Special Train (01266)
Itarsi-Bhopal (01271)
Bhopal-Itarsi (01272)
Jabalpur-Howrah Shaktipunj (01447)
Jabalpur-Somnath Special (01466)
Rewa-Jabalpur Shuttle Special (01706)
Habibganj-Adhartal Special (02051)
Jabalpur-Habibganj Special (02052)
Habibganj-Jabalpur Special (02061)
Jabalpur-Nizamuddin Special ( 02127), Jabalpur – Yesvantpur Special (02140)
Jabalpur-Nagpur Special (02160)
Jabalpur-Nizamuddin Special (02174)
Jabalpur-Nizamuddin Special (02181)
Rewa-Jabalpur Special (02290)
Indore-Jabalpur Special (02291)
Itarsi-Katni Special (06619)
Bina-Katni Special (06621)
Katni-Bargawan Special (06623)
Habibganj-Rewa Special (02185)
Habibganj-Pune Special (02152)
Habibganj-Nizamuddin Special (02155)
Indore-Kota Special (02300)

The change in the arrival and departure timings of trains under Western Central Railway zone was updated by the Indian Railways on its official website on October 2.