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Plan in place to weed out drugs from Hyderabad’s IT corridor

Hyderabad: To put a check on drug abuse at workplaces in the IT Corridor in the city, the Cyberabad Police is planning to launch Anti-Drug Abuse Committees. Similar committees have already been launched in schools and colleges in Madhapur Zone.

The initiative now aims to reach out to corporate offices and spread awareness on the ill effects of drugs among techies. The approach is ‘awareness and strict enforcement to make workplaces drug-free’.

According to the police, work stress, peer pressure and weekend parties too were luring many techies or those working in software firms in the city into consuming narcotic substances. It was observed that marijuana and hashish oil were quite in demand among software professionals.

As software firms are reopening slowing and the work from office system is back, the police intend to identify drug peddlers and consumers with the help of managements. These committees are to ensure that nobody turns to drugs.

There are about 1,000 firms including small, medium and large scale corporate and IT companies in the IT Corridor, with around 6.5 lakh people working in them. Keeping in mind their safety and the brand image of Hyderabad as a IT hub, the Cyberabad Police and the Society for Cyberabad Security Council (SCSC) have come up with the initiative to make the IT corridor drug-free.

“The members of the committee include people from IT firms, police, SCSC office bearers, techies and NGOs. These committees organize awareness programmes at companies and stress on the impact of drug usage on personal, family, health and professional lives,” Madhapur DCP K Shilpavalli said.

Apart from this, they are also briefed and made to understand what the law of the land says on drug abuse and the legal consequences they have to face if they are involved in drug related cases, she added.

The police hope the Anti-Drug Abuse Committees will help techies in identifying drug consumers, peddlers and also alert the police. They will also be trained to keep away from drug use by following a healthy lifestyle.

“We do not want the brand name of IT corridor to be at stake due to the drug menace. The State government is striving hard to ensure that Hyderabad is a safe city. We do not want it to be affected by drugs. The initiative is still at the planning stage and the process of forming committees is going on for now. They will soon start functioning,” the DCP said.