People living in constant fear of State

The people have been living in the fear of investigating agencies, the State and the police. Under RSS controlled BJP Rule. Those who have not contributed anything in pre independence, and always conspired against the nation are at the helm of affairs and incessantly lowering the image of the State by harassing its subjects for their political gains.

The misuse of religion has become a weapon by those who always conspire to silence democratic forces. Even though it was happening all over the world, “India is an excessive example of the use of religion” to divert the general attention of the public from main and burning issues

It’s happening all over the world. It was complete intolerance what happened in Leicester yesterday. We all know what happened there. So it’s being exported now. The real problem is, in India today those who are part of the hate speech are the collaborators of a particular ideology, unfortunately the police are not willing to do anything and in savings the nation from her destruction.

Those who give hate speeches are not prosecuted and hence, are “emboldened to give another speech of the nature” and they are promoted to do so by BJP out fits and their governments.

Whole populations are afraid and they get mentally ghettoised. What do they do? So they are afraid. We are living in constant fear. We fear the ED, we fear the CBI, we fear the State, we fear the policemen, we fear everybody. We don’t have any trust in anybody anymore. State institutions are being used to harass the people on flimsy grounds.

The failure of the important organ of the state the judiciary and the poor man cannot come to the court as he has no money to pay the lawyers the State is unable to protect his legal interest.

The Governments are promoting Corporates at the cost of the public exchequer. It is the fight between two corporate world in the court every day. Amazon vs Reliance, this vs that. And the poor man, he cannot come to the court. He doesn’t have the money to pay for lawyers. A guy from Kerala, from the Northeast, West Bengal, in the south, how is he going to come to the Supreme Court. He just doesn’t have the means.

While the people’s confidence in the justice system is waning. There is the issue of fairness. What is fair? Fair is when you have great confidence that you will get justice. Lot of us believe that that confidence is waning and the general public, people of India think. People who interact with me on a daily basis, will we get justice? I cannot assure them… there is no way to help. Because the system doesn’t help them.

The criminal justice system which is the much worse than the other. The real people get away, and the poor people get involved. The police officers are abusing the law. These police officers due to their lack of protecting public interest always search for the bottle necks to make money out of troubled waters that the Police Officers conspire to create out of no criminal cause of action. Unfortunate.