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PDC sends WhatsApp’s request to PM to save Indians stranded in Russia-Ukraine crisis

Hyderabad: Amidst a raging war, Indian students and businessmen appeal Government of India and Peoples Democratic Council (PDC) Chancellor MA Mujeeb for heling and rescuing them for their immediate evacuating as situations in war-struck Ukraine worsening.

Mohammed Samiuddin and Mohiuddin Salman, students hailing from Hyderabad, in a video message, have appealed to the government of India abd PDC for help and rescue from the worn-torn country.

Salman and Sami, while refuting claims of the Indian government rescuing students out of Ukraine say that they are stranded in the hostel of the Kyiv Medical University alongside more than 300 Indian students.

“We are students of Uzhhorod National Medical University who arrived in Kivy on 24 February as we were scheduled to fly out that day. Currently, we are stuck in the hostel of the KMU amidst heavy bombing (in the capital of the country). The media claims that students stranded in Kivy are being evacuated however nothing has been communicated by the Indian Embassy in Ukraine so far,” said Salman.

Salman alongside his friend reached the capital city a day before their departure after 14 hours from Uzhgorod to board their flight scheduled for the next day. However, they were asked to evacuate the airport within hours.

We Indians are having habit of talking big about our nation, without being factually concerned about our nation and its subjects living in foreign soil, Painful video of Indians in war term Ukraine, expresses lack of the Govt of India’s commitment to the sufferings of the Indian students PDC Chanceller said.

Despite Indian students and businessmen in Ukraine are suffering acute shortage of food, security and protection in war effected Ukraine. RSS and BJP talk ill about our western neighbour Pakistan which is head ofher commitment, has evacuated its students from the war effected Ukraine, PDC Chanceller Mujeeb recalled.

In case India can not evacuate her citizens from war effected Ukraine, India may request Russia or any other country including Turkey and Pakistan to evacuate our citizen. Our Indian citizens living in Ukraine needs immediate assistance and their immediate evacuation from Ukraine. PDC’s Chanceller said.

When a bomb detonated 1.6-kilometers away from the location, students in a panic ran in different directions and lost their friends. While Salman alongside a group of five friends found shelter in the Kyiv Medical University’s hostel alongside 150 other resident students, others ran towards the Indian embassy, said PDC Chancellor

When Peoples Democratic Council contacted Salman today, he said that the Embassy contacted the students and directed them to stay where they are, as the war escalates.

“We were finally able to get in touch with the Embassy today. They have told us to stay where we are as the situation outside is tense at the moment. They have left us on our own, saying that we need to navigate our way to the borders that are 800 kilometers away, once transportation is available again,” expressed an embittered, helpless Salman.

Salman’s family resides in Hyderabad’s Bahadurpura and has also appealed to the state chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao for help, as he has promised to extend support in bringing back the students who are stranded in Ukraine.

Salman in his video appeal shared glimpses of the heavily populated basement of the KMU as he pleaded with the Indian government for help.