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Pawan Kalyan condemns demolitions in Ippatam village, says govt. will collapse

Guntur: Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan fumed at the YSRCP government. Speaking to the media here on Friday, he expressed anger over the ruthless demolition of houses by the JCB with the help of police forces in the Ippatam village of Tadepalli in Guntur.

The actor turned politician said that the atrocities are going on in the village in the name of road expansion. The reason for the anger of the YSRCP representatives is that the villagers are now supporters of the Jana Sena.

If there is already a 70-feet road, would there be need for further expansion? He said that the villagers have already gone to court over the demolition notices. Pawan Kalyan has made it clear that Jana Sena will stand by the public struggle and legal struggle of the villagers.