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Pakistan already struggling to manage four provinces, doesn’t need Kashmir: Shahid Afridi

Islamabad: Former Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi raked up a controversy in London when he said that Kashmir shouldn’t be given to Pakistan as the country is struggling to manage its existing four provinces.

Speaking to the students at London’s British Parliament, Afridi stated that Kashmir should be an independent nation and should neither be part of India or Pakistan, as reported by Pakistan news media ARY news. Pointing out at the lives lost in Kashmir, the former cricketer said that the important thing is humanity and people shouldn’t lose lives.

“It hurts to see the sufferings of Kashmiris, For the sake of #Humanity #India and #Pakistan should leave #Kashmir and let the Kashmiris decide their future, we are already struggling to manage four provinces” says @SAfridiOfficial speaking to the students at British Parliament.

He added that Kashmir should be allowed as a free nation to save the lives of the people and added that the sufferings caused to people irrespective of any religion is a painful thing, according to reports.

“Kashmir is not an issue. Kashmir should be given neither to Pakistan nor India, it should become a nation. At least humanity should be alive and lives should not be lost. Pakistan doesn’t need Kashmir, it is not able to handle its own four provinces. The death of people causes pain irrespective of the religion they belong,” said Afridi.

The statement of Afridi comes within three months of Pakistan electing a new prime minister.

This is not the first time that Afridi has spoken about the Kashmir issue.

In the issue, the former cricketer, in April, had accused Indian security forces of targetting civilians. Not once has he, however, made any mention of his country sponsoring cross-border terrorism.