NIA colludes with Jews, RSS, keeps PFI away from democracy

National Intelligence Agency (NIA) alleged that banned PFI’s Kerala module planned attacks on visiting Jews in Tamil Nadu. In fact the NIA is working at the dictations of the Rastriya Swayam Sewak Sangh (RSS) and its principal Jews and fabricating evidence against all those working for the promotion of democratic values to protect the nation.

NIA alleging that the Popular Front of India had (PFI) conspired to attack high court judges and senior police officers while some incriminating documents seized during raids on the Islamic outfit outlines its ‘roadmap’ till 2047. It is reiterated that the NIA is dancing at the tune of the Jews in harassing Muslims.

NIA made its baseless allegation include that the PFI has been extensively using social media for recruiting youths for anti-national activities and one of its modules even had prepared to attack foreigners, especially Jews visiting Vattakkanal, a tiny hill station in Tamil Nadu. But NIA did not project the evidence that it relied upon such preparedness of PFI against the Jews.

Following one way traffic an not taking any steps against the RSS for not having its registration, not opened its and in furtherance to the NIA’s Conspiracy with the RSS and the Jews, its authorities illegally sealed offices of the PFI in several states and initiated steps to freeze its funds, the Twitter handle of the Islamic outfit was taken down, a day after the group and its eight associates were banned by the Centre for five years for allegedly having “links” with global terror organisations like the ISIS and trying to spread communal hatred in the country.

It is surprising to state that Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad chief Vineet Agarwal said that during its recent operation in the state incriminating documents were seized from people arrested for links with the PFI and one of the papers talked about the outfit’s ‘road map’ till 2047.

The NIA is becoming infamous of lies while national NIA and Maharastra failed to recommend the black listing of the RSS despite it does not have its registration, it has not opened its bank accounts yet, despite its claims that it spent crores of rupees during Covid19 contrary to the fact PFI is a political organisation the NIA acted under the dictations of the Union Home Minister who does not go the State energies but fabricates grounds to suit RSS and the ruling BJP’s ideology to keeps its political opponent at bay on flimsy reasons.

According to the alleged seized document, members of the group were planning targeted killings as part of their agenda, Agarwal, Additional Director General of Police, said without elaborating and without subscribing any evidence.

The ATS alleged to have confiscated some gadgets from the accused persons and the anti-terror agency was in the process of retrieving data from them. In furtherance several BJP ruling state governments also issued orders to implement the Centre’s ban on the PFI and its associates and delegated powers to the district collectors and police commissioners in the respective states. A strict watch was also kept on its cadres.

In Tamil Nadu, Police said they received a letter threatening to hurl petrol bombs at 16 places in Pollachi town, near Coimbatore, after which security was beefed up in the area, the anonymous letter neither been perused by the pro national media nor reviewed by any Court of law.

Where as the Coimbatore police accordingly, alleges that they received a letter sent by post to a police station saying: “We are not against the police, but want to create law and order problem.” The letter was sent allegedly in the name of the the PFI and the SDPI, the political wing of the Islamic outfit.

According to an stage managed investigation carried out by the National Investigation Agency (NIA), it alleges that a module comprising about 15 youths and their associates from southern states, mostly PFI members or those attracted to the global terror group ISIS, had conspired to attack high court judges, senior police officers and Muslims belonging to Ahmediya sect with the intention of committing terror acts within India, officials said, while NIA wants to ground the businessmen oriented Ahmedia sect.

The module had allegedly entered into a criminal conspiracy to wage a war against the government by collecting explosives and other offensive materials to target important persons and places of public importance, they accordingly added.

In furtherance to their collusion, NIA further alleges that the module — Ansar-ul-Khilafa Kerala – had also indulged in a secret campaign of recruiting, motivating and radicalizing Muslim youths to join ISIS/ISI, adding the associates used various internet based platforms (both surface and deep web) for propagating ISIS ideology. Whereas 90 per cent of such alleged cases are being acquitted by the Court of law.

NIA further alleges, an active surveillance mounted by the investigators helped trace five suspects namely Manseed, Swalith Mohammed, Rashid Ali Safvan and Jasim NK, and they were arrested from Kannur district in Kerala on October 2, 2016 while they were holding a conspiracy meeting as part of their preparation to allegedly wage a war against the government.

NIA further alleges that later, searches were conducted at the residence of the accused and materials, including digital devices and documents, were seized. Custodial interrogation revealed that the accused had communicated with co-conspirators within and outside India over social media platforms like Facebook, Telegram, etc to allegedly wage a war against the government, the officials said.

The accused had conspired and propagated ISIS ideology directly and through social media and recruiting members for anti-national activities. They had created various Telegram groups like ‘The Gate’, ‘Bab Al Noor’, ‘Play Ground’, etc,. If it is true and PFI functionaries deserve the maximum punishment. Let the evidence be put before the true national media.

Investigations established that the accused had knowingly and intentionally conspired and conducted preparations to attack foreigners, especially Jews visiting Vattakkanal near Kodaikanal, prominent political leaders at Kozhikode in Kerala and a programme of Jamaat-e-Islami at Kochi. It is reiterated that if the NIA allegations are true, the PFI functionaries deserve the maximum punishment.

Let the evidence be put before the true national media.