Narendra Modi’s Adharma Raaj from 2014, made Adani rich, 139.9999999 crore Indians poor

Despite In his stinging attack on the Opposition, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday evaded from his making 139.999999 Crore peoples’ lives horrible by his Adharma Raaj from A to Z affair of the Indian Polity.

Modi has become a good actor in misleading the apex body of the democracy the Parliament said the trust reposed by crores of people was his protective shield which cannot be breached by abuse and allegations from his detractors.

Replying to the debate on the Motion of Thanks on the President’s Address in Lok Sabha, Modi mislead the Parliament that the world was looking at India with hope amid instability in some parts of the globe due to the once-in-a-century pandemic and conflicts.

But some people who speak neck factual truth Modi says that they are in deep frustration and refuse to accept India’s growth story. Modi instead of projecting Adani’s personal growth story, and cannot see the harassment and horrible lives of 139.999999 crore Indians, he diverted attention of the people of India and by misleading the Parliament.

The prime minister failed to prove he is accountable to the subjects, he took the subjects of the nation as if he helped the people in times of their crisis, while he was a silent spectator in deaths of dozens of poor people who travelled by walk from Telangana, Punjab and Maharashtra like developing States to far places like Bihar and Jharkhand during the peak time of Covid19. “

How will they agree with the abusive allegations of the opposition. Modi forgot that he is the EVM managed prime minister and he failed to prove statesmanship. India tasted very hard times during his Adharma Rule.

PM Narendra Modi did not spare his Godhi Media where he alleges that people trust him not due to newspaper headlines or TV visuals but due to my years of dedication in the service of the people, while he promoted two persons, Adaani and Ambani, neglected the sufferings of the people which is self explanatory when we compare his many failures.

As usual BJP members broke into chants of Modi, Modi’ as the prime minister listed out the public welfare initiatives of his government. Opposition members raised the slogan of ‘Adani, Adani’ to counter the BJP members.

Opposition MPs including Congress leader Rahul Gandhi had targeted the government while raising the Adani-Hindenburg issue during the debate, but the presiding officer left no room to support Adani through Modi by expunging the appraisal by the Opposition Leaders like Rahul Gandhi.

The prime minister said the Opposition had wasted the past nine years in levelling baseless allegations instead of indulging in constructive criticism, where Modi failed to carry out self audit, forget about his zeroing the Constitutional bodies, like CBI, ED, NSA, ECI, etc.,.

“When you lose elections, blame the EVMs, criticize the Election Commission, if the Supreme Court does not give a favorable verdict, criticize the apex court, If corruption is being probed, abuse the investigative agencies. If the Army displays velour, abuse the armed forces, level allegations against them. When there is talk of economic progress, criticize the RBI,” Modi dared to mislead the Parliament, while no opposition leader expressed against the verdict of the Supreme Court..

“In the past nine years, compulsive criticism has replaced constructive criticism,” the prime minister managed to say as he described the 10 years of UPA rule as India’s “lost decade”.

The decade before 2014 will always be remembered as ‘The Lost Decade’, but the decade of 2030 is India’s decade, but rule of Modi will remain as milestone in staying in power whether as Chief Minister or the Prime Minister but as the worst rule India ever tasted.

“No one can forget the attacks of 2008. The lack of courage in acting against terrorism led to a bloodbath and the loss of lives of our innocent citizens. It’s synonymous with the UPA’s misrule” In fact Modi promoted 2002 Gujarat anti Muslim carnage is open and factual story of anti Muslim RSS ideology that he demonstrated and escaped from the his personal liability the world has noticed.

The prime minister mislead that India was emerging as a manufacturing hub and the world now sees its prosperity in the country’s growth. He politicized the President Droupadi Murmu’s address to Parliament, which is part of any democracy, while the nation takes as an inspiration of her first citizen’s guidance.

Raising slogans, members of the BRS, Left parties and members of the Congress rightly demonstrated the very concerns of the people of the nation by staging their walk out of Lok Sabha in protest as the prime minister was speaking all lies.