Andhra Pradesh

Municipal corporation to get rid of dumper bins for Clean Guntur

GUNTUR: GMC officials are taking new initiatives to achieve a Clean Guntur. As a part of it, officials concerned have planned to do away with dumper bins and to collect waste from every household directly. With the financial assistance of the United Nations of Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO), the Guntur Municipal Corporation (GMC) is planning to introduce electric autos to collect waste from every household instead of pushcarts.

The sanitary workers go from door to door to collect waste and dump them at the nearby dumper station. The compactors collect the garbage from the dumper bins and transport it to the Jindal Power Plant in Naidupet. With overflowing dumper bins causing discomfort to people, so the officials have decided to collect the wastes from the household and set up 10 garbage transfer stations in the city. The wastes collected by the electric autos will be taken to the garbage transfer stations, from where it will be transported to Jindal Power Plant, where the dry wastes will be used to produce the electricity.

The corporation has purchased 220 electric autos worth Rs 12.70 crore and set up a solar charging station. Each vehicle has a capacity to transport 500 to 600 kg of waste in each trip and once charged, the vehicle gives a mileage of 100 km. On Sunday, Mayor Kavati Manohar Naidu inaugurated the vehicles and distributed three dustbins to each household in 7 and 32 divisions selected as model divisions for the Clean Andhra Pradesh pilot project in the city. Speaking on the occasion, the Mayor said that as the civic body has taken the initiative to achieve Clean Guntur, the people should also cooperate with the civic body and segregate dry, wet, and biowaste.