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Modi ‘weakest and inefficient Prime Minister’ India ever had: CM KCR

Hyderabad: Terming Narendra Modi as the ‘weakest and inefficient Prime Minister’ India ever had, Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar rao asserted that the former was answerable to the people of the country on all issues – from hike in fuel prices to rising unemployment, multiple scams, and hate crimes.

He had hit out at the Prime Minister over his failure to control the ‘record breaking’ fall in the Rupee value against the US dollar in the country’s history.

An old video clip of then Chief Minister Narendra Modi was played during a press conference convened by Chandrashekhar Rao at Pragathi Bhavan on Sunday evening, where Modi gave a fiery speech about the depreciating value of the rupee, blaming it on the then UPA government and demanding answers.

“The rupee is now about to touch Rs 80. Why are you not answering us? We are asking the same questions,” he demanded. Just like Modi, the Chief Minister wanted answers why the currencies of Nepal, Bangladesh and even crisis-hit Sri Lanka were falling as dramatically as the Rupee value under the Modi regime.

He cautioned that Pakistan was not a threat to India as the real threat was posed by China. Citing retired officers from the armed forces, he stated that the Centre cannot implement the Agnipath scheme as a laboratory experiment even as threat looms large at Indo-China border.

Likening the BJP to a blood-sucking leech, the Chief Minister termed the BJP government as the most inefficient, inactive and senseless government. He stated that the BJP government failed miserably on all fronts.

Except for Telangana where the TRS succeeded, no other State was able to get access to quality power, drinking and irrigation water under the BJP government. “Even in the national capital where this Mighty government sits, there is a power and water crisis. It is very shamefull,” he said.

Calling the BJP national executive meet held in Hyderabad recently as mere cacophony, he stated the Prime Minister could not speak about his government’s achievements in last eight years or the party’s plans for the country’s future. “The Prime Minister or other BJP leaders have achieved nothing in the last eight years of BJP rule to take credit for.

While no one could understand what the Prime Minister wanted to convey to the people, the union Ministers who spoke earlier confined themselves to criticise the Chief Minister,” he said. He stated that neither the Prime Minister nor the union Ministers dared to answer the questions raised by him previously on various issues of national interest.

On the occasion, Chandrashekhar Rao stated that there was only an year and half left for the BJP government, following which a non-BJP government will come to power which will revoke the anti-national policies of the BJP government. He reiterated that he had no personal animosity with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and he was only opposing the latter’s policies.

He advised Modi to stop his dirty politics and focus on national development during the remaining tenure. “You may interfere or not interfere in our affairs. But we will continue to interefere in your affairs as your policies are against the national interest,” he declared.

Responding to questions, the Chief Minister stated that the BJP cannot threaten him with any cases as he had nothing to hide or did he resorted to any crime. If the BJP misuses the Central agencies or files false cases, he vowed to fight in the courts as he had complete faith in the judiciary. He ridiculed the BJP’s argument of ‘Parivaarvaad’ and asked if there was no dynasty politics in the BJP.

“There could be an advantage of the family name, but one cannot survive in politics without people’s blessings,” he reminded. In response to another question, he stated that he was not bothered if some disgruntled leaders quit TRS and joined the BJP as people of Telangana were with him.