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Modi, KCR are thieves, bent on destroying democracy: Congress

Hyderabad: Telangana PCC senior vice-president G Niranjan on Friday alleged that Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao and Prime Minister Narendra Modi are thieves.

The senior TPCC leader stated that both KCR and Modi are causing damage to the democracy in the country and added that money and liquor distribution, by TRS and BJP in Thursday’s Munugode by-elections, was clearly evident.

He alleged that the voters were stooped low, adamant and demanded money as per their desire, to go to polling stations to cast their vote, which was telecasted on national channels. “Who is responsible and guilty for creating for this deteriorating situation? Is it not KCR and Modi responsible this ugly situation”, he asked.

He said that KCR, instead of feeling ashamed of such telecasts on national news channels, convened a press meet to express his hue and cry on the damage to democracy in the country citing the farm house episode.

Niranjan said PM Modi was trying to eliminate the opposition at the national level and CM KCR was trying to do the same at State level. The farm house episode is a part of this drama, he said, adding that TRS snatched Palley Ravikumar, who accompanied the Congress candidate at the time of filing nomination papers and signed as a proposer.

“Similarly, Boora Narsaiah Goud accompanied TRS candidate at the time of filing nomination papers, but later he was snatched by the BJP. These ugly incidents prove the anti-democratic methods of TRS and BJP and they have no moral right to speak about democracy,” he fumed.

Niranjan said that CM KCR lured Congress MLAs one by one and made them join his party under pressure and now he is saying that they joined democratically. “He is giving his own definition of democracy and is ruling the State as a dictator at the same time he is also crying that our democracy is in danger. However, people will teach a lesson to Modi and KCR in the near future”, he said.