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MLA Eatala Rajender Mahasabha held in Shadnagar

Rangareddy : State Mudiraj Mahasabha leader and Huzurabad MLA Eatala Rajender’s passionate speech at the Mudiraj Mahasabha in Shadnagar has garnered attention from all over. Rajender urged members to unite for the betterment of the Mudiraj community, putting aside political affiliations. T

he event was marked by the unveiling of the idol of Pandaga Sayanna and was attended by a huge gathering of Mudiraj community people from various places. Earlier, a huge rally was organised under the auspices of Mudiraj Community in Shadnagar.

The Mahasabha event was held under the leadership of Mahasabha Constituency president Anche Ramulu. On the occasion, Eatala Rajender spoke about the bravery of Sayanna, stressing the importance of learning from his fight for the welfare of the poor against the rich. He called for the Mudiraj community to fight for their rights and to govern themselves, rather than relying on political parties.

Rajender warned against compromising with anyone and emphasized the importance of reviving the ambitions of heroes. He noted that the Mudiraj community has rebellion in their blood and should be prepared to fight for self-respect and against injustice.

He said that the Mudiraj community is one of the largest and most influential communities in Telangana, and this event has generated a lot of interest and excitement among its members. The community should continue to make strides towards achieving its goals and aspirations, he added.

The Mudiraj community has a long history of fighting for their rights and interests, and this event was an important milestone in their journey.

Later, Banda Prakash also stressed the importance of the community’s history and its role in shaping future generations. He noted that Mudiraj self-esteem buildings are being constructed in every constituency across the state, a testament to the community’s progress and development.

He also highlighted the ongoing efforts to construct Mudiraj buildings in many areas across the state. Telangana TDP State President & State president of Mudiraj Mahasabha Kasani Gyaneshwar, Rajya Sabha member Banda Prakash, famous comedian Bittiri Satthi, local Mudiraj leaders Ande Babaiah, Chekala Srisailam, and others were present at the event.