Mission Shakti making women in Uttar Pradesh self-reliant and independent

Lucknow: Mission Shakti is not only guaranteeing respect and safety to every woman of the state but is also making the women of Uttar Pradesh self-reliant and independent.

With the help of this campaign, women are getting all the possible benefits of different golden schemes of the Yogi Government.

Describing how CM Yogi’s flagship campaign ‘Mission Shakti’ helped Jyoti, a resident of Lucknow, she said “During COVID-19 we were struggling to survive. Later, under this campaign, I started my own business which not only helped me earn my livelihood but also provided a platform to other talented women artists.”

Jyoti started a small handicraft business in which she united over 3000 needy women and made them financially empowered. With the help of this business, these women not only became a symbol of strength but also helped in promoting art culture.

Jyoti stated that she also motivates rural women to become self-independent and organises exhibitions of products made by women artists residing in different districts including Lucknow.

Women working fearlessly
Stating about how Mission Shakti has changed the lives of women, Jyoti said, “Mission Shakti has boosted the morale of women and now women are working without fear till late night.”

Schemes launched by the Yogi Government benefitting the women and poor of the state are reaching every village and house through Mission Shakti.