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Minister Prashanth Reddy demands apology from BJP for comments on speaker

Hyderabad: Legislative Affairs Minister V Prashanth Reddy denounced Huzurabad BJP MLA Eatala Rajender on Tuesday for his ‘disparaging’ comments on Assembly Speaker Pocharam Srinivas Reddy.

The minister asked the BJP MLA to apologise unconditionally or else legal action will be taken per the legislative rules.

The minister took issue with Rajender’s comments, which disrespected the Speaker’s ‘position and age’ by referring to him as a ‘robot’ in a statement. He recalled that, before, when Rajender served as a minister in the state assembly, it was decided to give each political party representation in the Business Advisory Committee (BAC) meeting depending on the number of members in the house. As a result, he claimed, the BJP is ineligible.

“We don’t need advice from the BJP’s members on how to operate the state legislature because the party is the poster child for anti-democratic behaviour in the nation. All decisions are being made by the Speaker per accepted customs and procedures. I am not surprised by the BJP’s disparaging remarks because it has been disparaging all of the country’s constitutional entities,” he stated.

The minister questioned whether they meant to imply that Prime Minister Narendra Modi was giving the Lok Sabha speaker instructions to carry out his duties in response to the BJP MLAs’ accusations that the speaker was acting on orders from Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao. He cautioned Rajender against making ‘irrational’ accusations.