‘Mem Famous’ Review: Your gang shouldn’t miss this famous vibe in theatres

Hyderabad: Mem Famous is the latest Telugu film on youth that was released today in theatres. The film is produced by Chai Bisket Films who made Writer Padmabhushan earlier this year. Short films and cover songs fame Sumanth Prabhas is the writer and director of the film. Sumanth is also the lead actor. The film is getting a good response from the Telugu audience.

Mem Famous is set in Bandanarsingapalli village in Karimnagar in Telangana. Three friends Mahesh, Durga, and Balkrishna are the centre of focus in the village because of their mischievous things. After these things lead to their families being disrespected at the village panchayat, the three friends decide to get settled in life and start a tent house business. The rest of the story is about how the Bandanarsingapalli youth gets famous and clears their problems.

The first half of the film shows the mischievous things of the three friends and their struggles to get settled in life. But destiny has different plans and that makes the interval episode interesting. Besides entertainment, there’s also emotional touch in the film and the audience will love those scenes. The second half starts with many conflicts for the friends and then it takes them on a different journey which is much more hilarious than the first part. This second journey will provide unlimited entertainment to the audience.

Sumanth Prabhas is the centre of talk for this film. Sumanth himself played the lead role besides being the writer and director of the film. His writing looks mature balancing entertainment and emotions. The film’s characters are its main strength in writing. Sumanth also manages the direction so well although being a debutant. Handling 35 more debutants like him on the sets is a tough task and Sumanth brought the best output from it. He also has great energy as an actor on screen.

All other actors are also natural. The actors who played Lipstick Lover and Anji Mama are very active with their screen presence.

The film is also technically good. Kalyan Nayak’s songs and bgm provide great energy to the film. The use of Telangana DJ songs in between scenes is a great move.

There are many hilarious scenes in the film and you cannot stop your laugh for major time. The film is completely an entertainment package with a few emotions in between. Sumanth Prabhas and his team will make sure that you will vibe with the youth and enjoy the film for two and half hours in theatres. So don’t miss watching Mem Famous in theatres with your gang.