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Maximum vehicles speed in GHMC limits notified

Hyderabad: Telangana government on Wednesday notified the maximum speed limits for various vehicles on different types of roads in Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) limits.

As per the notification, the speed limit for the cars on roads with dividers is 60 kmph whereas, on roads without dividers, it is 50 kmph. On the colony roads, the maximum speed of the cars can be 30 kmph.

For bikes, autos, buses, and other vehicles, the speed limit on roads with dividers is 50 kmph, whereas, on roads without dividers, it is 40 kmph. The maximum allowed speed for these vehicles on colony roads is 30 kmph.

The cameras that are recording overspeeding will be updated with the new speed limits.

Vehicles Road with dividers Roads without dividers Colony roads
Cars 60 kmph 50 kmph 30 kmph
Bikes, autos,
buses, and others 50 kmph 40 kmph 30 kmph

As per the notification, the maximum speed limits will not be applicable to central government vehicles.

The order stated, “Nothing in this section shall apply to any vehicle registered under Section 60 while it is being used in the execution of military maneuvers within the area and during the period specified in the notification under sub-section of section 2 of the Maneuvered, Field Firing and Artillery Practice Act, 1938”