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Massive protest outside Uttarakhand police HQ over hate speech inaction

Dehradun: A large number of people on Saturday gathered outside the Uttarakhand Police Headquarters in Dehradun protesting against the hate speeches delivered by several prominent Hindutva leaders against Muslims at a ‘Dharm Sansad’ in Haridwar.

The protesters, under the banners of Muslim Seva Sangathan and All India Muslim Federation, demanded strict action be taken against all those who were part of the hate event.

All India Muslim Federation Uttarakhand Chapter president Sk Md Rafeequzzama strongly condemned inaction of the State police in bringing culprits under sedition laws. Sk Rafeequzzama alleged the adharma rule and his forecast to establish Hindu Rasthra and promote Manusmrithi by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi opened the doors for hate by the Manuwadi non ethical Hindus.

Rafeequzzama alleged that our Prime Minister symbolically demonstrates false respect to the father of nation Mahatma Gandhiji and deliberately by his silence encouraging Nathuram Godse Sena to establish lawlessness across India.

Newly formed Revolutionary Democratic Congress (RDC) Founder President M.A. Mujeeb called upon the ruling establishments to act and deliver goods by the Constitution of India. He demanded to bring all those pro RSS culprits who are involved in threatening to commit genocide against of Muslims and insulting the father of the nation Mahatma Gandhiji to book under the sedition laws.

Mujeeb reminded the Prime Minister Narendra Modiji and Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhamiji to keep it in their minds that history will speak of their adharma rule after vacation of respective top public offices.

Mujeeb questioned as to why a reporter went to cover a SC girl’s rape and burning her Hathras rape was framed under sedition laws, here it is clear cut case that Hindu terrorists having their allegiance to Manusmrithy have threatened to genocide 20 lakh Muslims, but no case is made out by the Uttarakhand’s BJP government, it is unfortunate, Mujeeb added.

Mujeeb appreciated the timely decision of Director General of Police, Uttarakhand Ashok Kumar to constitute SIT probe into the entire matter without any delay. RDC appreciates DGP’s assurance of necessary police action however demanded that a sitting judge of the Uttarakhand High Court monitors the SIT probe.

Mujeeb questioned the commitment, allegiance, faithfulness and sincerity of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the State in treating all the citizen equals before the law. Mujeeb advised RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat to demonstrate as a responsible citizen of India and restrain his RSS from indulging into any hidden conspiracy against the nation in efforts to replace the Manusmrithi for the Hindu State.

Muslim Seva Sangathan president, Naeem Qureshi, said that a few thousand people gathered outside the state police headquarters and protested against the genocidal calls against Muslims.

He said that they demanded the speakers who called for an establishment of Hindu Rashtra be booked under sedition. “Narendra Modi is elected by the people under the Constitution of India. So when these people say they want to establish Hindu Rashtra, they are waging a war against the elected government, which is seditious,” Qureshi said.

The director-general of police (DGP) Uttarakhand, Ashok Kumar, has ordered an SIT to probe the entire matter without any delay and assured the protesters of necessary police action.

Extremely provocative speeches inciting violence against Muslims were made by participants at the event held at Ved Niketan Dham in Haridwar for three days from December 16 to 19. It was organised by Yati Narasinghanand, the priest of Dasna temple in Ghaziabad, who is known for his hate-spewing remarks against Muslims.

During his speech in Haridwar, Narsinghanand targeted Muslims and urged Hindus to take up weapons against them. “Swords look good on stage only. This battle will be won by those with better weapons,” the spiteful Yati had said.

Videos from the hate conclave surfaced on social media, where various Hindutva leaders spew hate openly against religious minorities with the slogan ‘shastra mev jayte’.

General Secretary of Hindu Mahasabha and Mahamandleshwar of Niranjini Akhada, Annapurna Maa addressing the gathering had called for a violent revolt against Muslims. “If you want to finish them off, we are ready to kill them and go to jail. We need 100 soldiers who can kill 20 lakh of them. We will be winners. Keep aside books and scriptures and pick your weapons,” she had said.

Following the outrage, cases were booked against a few in connection with the hate speeches. Swami Dharamdas and Sadhvi Annapurna, along with Jitendra Narayan Singh Tyagi (Waseem Rizvi) were booked by the police.

First Information Reports (FIRs) have been lodged under Section 153A of the IPC (promoting enmity between different groups on grounds of religion, race, place of birth, residence, language).

However, none of the speakers has been summoned by the police so far.

Several Opposition leaders have voiced their opinion against the hate