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Prohibitory orders clamped after Malali mosque-temple row, Aamir asks RSS, VHP, BJP to demonstrate responsibly

Mangaluru: The district administration of Dakshina Kannada on Wednesday clamped prohibitory orders in the surrounding areas of the Malali mosque near Mangaluru city. All India Mohammedan Parishad Karnataka youth president Syed Aamir asked RSS, VHP, BJP if they are respected citizen to behave in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution and by laws.

The district administration of Dakshina Kannada on Wednesday clamped prohibitory orders in the surrounding areas of the Malali mosque near Mangaluru city. Temple structure was found on April 21 during the renovation of the mosque, stirring a controversy. Following this, the court had ordered the mosque management to stop the work.

The Hindu activists from the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) and Bajrang Dal have decided to ascertain the truth about the mosque in the form of traditional way by posing “Tambula Prashne” before the priests on Wednesday May 25.

In coastal Karnataka, it is common practice to approach priests to know about the history of generations. It is widely practiced custom which people gave faith in. The Hindu activists will also put “Ashtamangala Prashne”, after “Tambula Prashne”, as the next step to ascertain the history of mosque. Astanangala Prashne is also a traditional Hindu astrology method which has more standing than Tambula Prashne.

Mangaluru Commissioner N. Shashi Kumar has clamped prohibitory orders surrounding the Assayed Adbullahil Madani mosque at Malali. If the priest says that the Malali mosque was a temple once, the issue is likely to become controversial as the Hindu activists will proceed further legally and claim their rights over the mosque. The experts say that unlike Srirangapatna, if the row erupts over the Malali mosque, it is going to be a challenge for the administration.

Malali town is located close to Mangaluru, which is regarded as the communally sensitive region. Any disturbance here will affect all three coastal districts. The region is considered as a bastion of the BJP. The Hindu activists have also started the movement for taking back Srirangapatna Jamia masjid in Mandya district.

They have already submitted a memorandum to the district administration urging them to conduct verification of the masjid on the lines of Gyanwapi masjid. They have stated that if the government does not respond, they will approach the court. Hindu activists are claiming that the mosque has been built after razing down Hanuman temple.

Reacting to the unnecessary controversy deliberately being promoted by RSS Karnataka Youth President of Karnataka unit of All India Mohammedan Parishad and Jana Parishad (Party) Syed Aamir asked the BJP’s non working government to concentrate on implementation of the Constitutional functions and delivering factual goods.

Aamir asked the RSS to educate its rank and file to go by the Constitution of India and restrain themselves from damaging Indian economy like that of neighboring Sri Lanka. He blamed RSS and Modi Government misruling the nation and diverting the very attention of public from burning issues while bringing down the GDP of India, day in day out.

Aamir asked RSS and BJP to educate its members about Religious Places Protection Act 1991 wherein no feature of any religious place that is existed as on 15th August 1947 can be changed, Aamir added