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Madhya Pradesh: Now, outfit seeks ban on non-Hindus at Narmada ghats

BHOPAL: Forget the viral videos of Hindu women taking pledge to boycott Muslim shops or a DJ vehicle appealing not to trade with Muslims in Madhya Pradesh.

In Jabalpur district of the same BJP-ruled central Indian state, a Hindu outfit leader has demanded a ban on the entry of non-Hindus on the ghats of Narmada in the entire district.

Yogesh Agrawal, state president of the saffron outfit Hindu Dharma Sena, has accused non-Hindus of “polluting the holiness” of the river by venturing into it wearing shoes and slippers.

“They also make indecent remarks and indulge in eve-teasing of Hindu women and girls bathing in Narmada at ghats in Jabalpur. This will not be tolerated at any cost. We demand that the government to ban the entry of non-Hindus on the entire Narmada riverbank and ghats in Jabalpur,” Agrawal was seen demanding in a video.

The Hindu outfit leader made the demand following a viral video which showed some boys and youths being chased away and hit with sticks for bathing in the river wearing slippers at the Jilehari Ghat.

According to Jabalpur district police sources the video could date back to Tuesday, when Eid coincided with Akshaya Tritiya and Parashurama Jayanti.

According to Jabalpur police superintendent Siddharth Bahuguna, there was no complaint from anyone on the matter.

“We’re ensuring that no one vitiates the tranquillity in Jabalpur city and district,” the police officer said.

Cooking non-veg too attract trouble : A police official in Jabalpur said there were rumours about some non-Hindus cooking non-vegetarian food at Jilehari Ghat, but on reaching there it was found that “some Hindu youths were cooking vegetarian food”.