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lippers handy amid long lines in Nirmal for Covid testing

Adilabad: Many people from Mujgi and surrounding villages in Nirmal district, who formed long queues in front of PHCs to get tested for Covid, in the scorching heat on Wednesday, had to return home disappointed.

Since they had to wait for long, many kept their slippers in the line as their proxy and took shelter under shade for a while. However, only a few could undergo the test and most of them had to return home without getting tested as testing kits got over quickly.

The angry villagers rued that health staff could have just informed them right at the outset that there were not enough kits and they could have come the next day, instead of standing in the scorching heat for so long.

The District Medical and Health Officer C Dhanraj said that sufficient kits would be made available as per the demand. The government has set a target for each day and trying to meet the target, he said, and added that around 1,000 tests were being conducted every day. He also said that 75 per cent of people in the area had been been vaccinated so far.