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KTR attacks PM on Agriculture dept’s claim of doubling farmers’ income

Hyderabad: In a brazen attempt to pull the wool over people’s eyes, the Centre made a tall claim of doubling the farmers’ income, without however, mentioning where the tectonic change has occurred in the lives of farmers.

The hollow claim made in a tweet by the Agriculture Ministry on Saturday, elicited derisive comments from twitterati and a sharp rebuke from Telangana Rashtra Samithi working president and minister K T Rama Rao.

The controversial tweet by union Agriculture ministry claimed that “In response to the PM’s clarion call for doubling the farmers’ income, the income of very large number of farmers has more than doubled”. The tweet, however, did not speak about any data to substantiate the tall claim.

Incidentally, a model’s photograph was used convey the image of a smiling farmer, but twitterati did not lose much time in castigating the Centre’s attempt to peddle untruths using models.

In a scathing attack on Centre on its latest claim of doubling farmers’ income, KT Rama Rao used the same medium – twitter, to call a spade a spade. In his tweet, he asked the Prime Minister Narendra Modi to share the details as to how many millions of farmers’ income was doubled in the country and details of States from which these farmers hailed. He also sought to know which initiative of the Government was the key to achieve the feat.

The Agriculture Ministry’s tweet, without any backup data, was subject of ridicule in an avalanche of comments. “Shouldn’t the agriculture sector of GDP have a growth rate of around 9% to double the income of farmers in eight years since 2014? I never knew our agriculture sector has started growing more than other two sectors,” tweeted Makarand Desai.

It was not just the farmers’ income tweet that was lampooned by K T Rama Rao in his tweets. He took a dig at the Prime Minister for imposing restrictions on usage of a few expressions in the Parliament and the foul language used by a few BJP leaders.

The Minister tweeted “Parliamentary language of NPA Government. PM calling protesters “Andolan Jeevi” is fine,” Goli Maaron Saalon Ko” by Minister is okay, “80-20” by UP Chief Minister is okay, Denigration of Mahatma Gandhi by BJP MP is fine and Farmer protesters insulted as “Terrorists” is fine.”