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Korean women harassed, accused of being missionaries by Hindutva workers

Lucknow: Two young Korean women from Delhi who were visiting Meerut, Uttar Pradesh to meet a friend were harassed by right-wing workers over their religious identities.

They were visiting Chaudhary Charan Singh University where their friend is a student.

A video has surfaced where the women are seen trying to get away from a few men who question them about their ‘motive’.

One of them is heard saying, “Ishwar bus ram hai, aur koi ishwar nahi hai (There is only one God who is Ram and no other).”

The speaker then labels the women as “Christians missionaries.”

“Yeh yahan Christians missionaries hain jo idhar aana cha rahe hai (They are Christians missionaries who want to come here),” one of them can be heard saying.

The Meerut police released a statement over the issue stating, “The video is shown in such a way as if the concerned lady in the video is propagating a religion. This is however not true and is based on false assumptions.”

You can watch the video here.