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Keep your mental barriers at bay, prepare for the exam with confidence

Hyderabad: Competitive exam of any kind is nerve-wrecking for students. It is only natural for aspirants to get jittery and anxious about everything related to an exam.

Right from where to begin and how to go about the preparation to getting scared about the vast syllabus to be covered, and losing patience and confidence in between – aspirants go through a lot of things when it comes to attempting a competitive examination.

Such constraints will only make it difficult for people to focus on the task at hand and crack the exam with confidence. Here are some tips to overcome certain hurdles that keep you worried and break those mental barriers:

Where do I begin: The dilemma that most aspirants of TSPSC face is unable to decide where to begin and how to go about preparing for the upcoming exams. This initial friction of thoughts leads to confusion, while posing to be a potential hindrance. So, gain some clarity on what you should do first – even before you start your preparations for the exam. For example: have a thorough understanding of the syllabus, assess the amount of time you need to spend on each subject, how many hours in a day can you study, self-evaluation of which are your strong or weak subjects, etc. Once you have that understanding, it becomes easy to plan ahead.

Assess actual available time : If you’re a student attending college regularly, or a job holder aspiring to try your hand at this competitive examination for better opportunities, time is going to be a constraint for you. So, assess your situation in the most practical manner and figure out how many hours in a day can you dedicate for preparation in reality. Make your study plans accordingly, instead of aiming big and feeling disheartened later for failing to stick to your plan.

Break mental barriers : Thinking that this is the most difficult exam and you’re not good enough to crack it won’t help. It will only add to your anxiety and stress, and make you step back even before you begin. Don’t let the vast syllabus or limited preparation time hamper you in any way.

Also, don’t try to compete with anyone else but you. Evaluate yourself objectively; understand (and unlock) your true potential to excel in the exam. Developing confidence in your ability will help you focus well and achieve you what you deserve!

Stay calm and focused : A tough exam like the TSPSC requires candidates’ complete dedication and long-term commitment stretching over many months. Losing patience mid-way and trying to give up what you set out to do will only make you feel like a failure, and leave you frustrated. It also demoralises you, making you lose confidence and mental peace.

So, always stay focused on your goal. If you feel scared or demotivated, break down the goal into many small bits and focus on one part at a time. Or, as they say, take one step/day at a time.

Doubts are good : Remember what our teachers used to say in school — ‘No question is silly’. If you have a doubt, it’s good because it means you’re getting out of your comfort zone and pushing yourself further to reach your goal. Doubts help you dig deeper into the subject and develop a thorough understanding on the topic/subject. Try to move past your doubts and explore the opportunity of learning, while approaching the topic in a newer angle.